Free Hit Earning App For Android

If you want to know information about Free Hit Earning App, then in today’s post, we are going to tell you very complete details about this Free Hit Earning App and also how to use it.

How to use this app and from where to install it, how to create an account, you have to read this whole post carefully, only then you can use this app, you cannot do good features.

Before proceeding further in the post, I would like to tell you that I have been blocking for the last 5 years and have answered the questions of millions of people, so I hope that I will not answer your question, I will also give you this answer. would also like

This application named Freehit is a running app, using which people are running well, now I am going to tell you about it in full detail, how it works, so let us explain in detail.

Free Hit Earning App

Free Hit Earning App is an Indian application which is being used very fast by people in India and it is a reliable application you can trust it because it will not cut your running in any condition so this application if you install If you want to do it, you can install it, but before that you must read the complete details about it, after that if you like it then only install it.

First of all, I would like to tell you that people are earning thousands of rupees per month from this app, but it is very important to understand the way to use it, only then you will not be able to do much better than this. If you do not have complete information, then you cannot do such a good running with it.

What is free hit earning app

Free Hit Earning App is an online running app which is based on video in which 60 videos have to be uploaded the more your video clips increase the more your earning will increase so make videos as best you can and in this app upload and start earning money

How to Install FreeHit Earning App

Installing Free Hit Earning App is very easy, in this you do not need to do much, directly you have to go to Google Play Store and there you have to search Freehit Running App, as soon as you tell the truth, now you will see it at the top in front of you. will get it and then you can call it comfortably in your phone by touching the install button.

You will get to see this app of 40 MB, due to which it will be installed comfortably in your phone and will not take much time to install, but keep in mind that you have to update this app once a week so that its latest features keep getting off work

How to create your account in Free Hit Earning App

To create your account in Free Hit Earning App, first of all you have to stall it by going to Google Play Store, keep in mind whenever you install this app, install the app only through Google Play Store and after that as soon as Open it will ask for your mobile number in front of you, then fill your mobile number in that box and as soon as you click on create account, you will get an OTP.

You have to copy that OTP and after that you have to come again in this app and you will see a box in which you have to enter OTP and after entering OTP, as soon as you click on create account, your account is confirmed. Will go then you can put your name address address whatever you want to put

How to earn money from free hit earning app

To earn money from Free Hit Earning App, first of all you have to install this app through Google Play Store and after that you have to create an account in it, after doing all this you can upload your short videos which are 15 You have to upload it here if it is not more than a second

When the viewers will come on those videos, then you will get money from the same bureau, then the more you get married, the more you will earn, so this application works in the same way and keep in mind that whatever video you are putting in it, it is your own video. Yes, do not download someone else’s video and install it in this application, otherwise it will not be of any use.

So hope you have liked this post, if you liked it, then share it with your friends too so that they also get a chance to earn some money and if you want any kind of more information, then now in the comment box below. You can tell us by commenting, we will definitely reply to your comment.

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